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New project Dev blog 1

So, I started to make the untitled game and I made already some progress. Although it's not something playable, some basic mechanics are already stablished. The main mechanics I've been working are the projectiles and data-driven-ish soldier spawner.

The projectiles were hard stuff, since I'm not very good at Math, and I have a bigger gap in Algebra and Physics. I managed to hit a stationary target with the help of a Wikipedia article, but when I tried to hit a moving target, I would fail miserably. At the time the projectile reached the xy coordinates, the target was long gone. SOO, I went googling and stuff, until I found some answears in this question on stackoverflow .

The data-driven-ish system that I implemented is fairly simple. I created an enumeration and a spawner system creates "platoons" of soldiers based on this structure. Do I want more soldier types? Add more to the structure:

var Soldiers = {
	KNIGHT  : 3,
	properties: [
		// spearman
		{ name: "spearman", health: 10, damage: 2, speed: 100, cost: 10 },
		// swordman
		{ name: "swordman", health: 20, damage: 4, speed: 90, cost: 20 },
		// veteran
		{ name: "veteran", health: 35, damage: 7, speed: 60, cost: 35 },
		// knight
		{ name: "knight", health: 60, damage: 12, speed: 40, cost: 60 }

I added some art just so it isn't to boring to look at.
Awesome print screen

You can play the demo here. The target and arrow shooter are draggable. Click on the ugly buttons to sapwn things. One has some sugar art.

Curious blokes may look at the source code.
Interesting stuff: hyperphysics.
Funny little game: A Lonely Hut.

New project A try to make an actual game

I'm going to start the development of a new game (more of an experiment), to see if I can finish something planned. I often start things, and give up on them too early, mostly because at mid project I think: -What the fuck am I doing this for?

So, today is the day. The game that I'm planning is a simple (minimalist) tower defense. I'll post bellow my planning:

untitled game (mobile friendly please)

untitled game is a simple tower defense game were the player 
must defend his castle against waves of enemys, spawing
infantry and upgrading suports.

the game features:

		gold: increases with rewards for killing enemys, completing levels;
	fighting mechanics:
			Light Duty:
				tower with rapid fire, small damage, medium range.
				upgradable fire rate, damage and range up to certain amount.
			Heavy Duty:
				bomb suport in the background with low fire rate, big damage, long range;
				upgradable fire rate, damage and range up to certain amount.
			spearman: fast paced, samll hp, small attack;
			swordman: medium pace, samll hp, medium attack;
			veteran:  medium pace, medium hp, high attack;
			knight:   slow pace, high hp, high attack;

Enemys will have the same infantry, with lower specs(TBC). They will spawn at high rates.
Levels will be infinite, because the next level will be propotional to the past(TBC).

The Whale Game A stupid, compound idea.

Most of the time I'm bored. Usually, when I get bored, I have the habit of programming.
This game came from a funny conversation where the randomness of one of the sentences got stuck in my head:
"Whales, feed flasks of plancton."
Well, for a easilly bored person like me, this seemed interesting enough to carry on to a game. Yap.
I had the idea, but needed to think in the game mechanics. I though on making a scene where someone is stranded on some island, and with nothing better to do (analogy to my boredom), this someone throws flasks to keep the wahles happy.
Stablished the idea, I needed a plan. I grabbed my notebook and sketched stupid stuff, that turned into what the game is now:
Awesome art by me.
As seen in the image, I tried to keep away boring you with some mainstream whales.
The game still has much to go down the road, for example, make a robust UI, had mobile controlls, etc. I also want to get to technical details and challenges that I had developing the game
For now, try the game, I'll update this blog entry with some details later.